Kenyon Thomas


       I was born in Minnesota and have lived in New Mexico since 1945. I attended college at New Mexico Highlands University where I had the good luck to study with Elmer Schooley, Paul Volckning, Harry Leippe, and Ray Drew, all excellent artists and instructors.  Since graduation from college I have worked as a professional potter and painter.
       Although for years pottery has  been my primary occupation I am now painting full time and I find it greatly enjoyable and endlessly challenging. I like very much the immediacy of working with pastels and the range of colors that so richly portray the beauty of New Mexico and southwest landscapes.


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  1. Your work is gorgeous as always! We treasure the piece we have that you did, an art deco plate with a wren, that we got at Mariposa when Faye Abrams
    owned it. So glad you are still creating! Monte and karlene Voepel